Wake up and smell the coffee...use IME to market your property

September 27, 2015

Wake up and smell the coffee...use IME to market your property!

The owner of a former Police Box in Edinburgh's West End which once served coffee to thirsty passers-by, has called on the services of IME to find a new tenant.

Police Boxes have been a familiar sight in Edinburgh since the 1930s when the distinctive and compact properties were designed by former city architect, Ebenezer MacRae.  MacRae created 85 of them across the city featuring the city crest and Saltire-patterned mouldings.

For many they still complement the classical architecture of the Capital and, as such, have been carefully restored by operators in various locations across the city.

IME has been instructed to market one such box at Drumsheugh Gardens close to the bustling west end.  The property, once the 999 Coffee Box, remains fully fitted, including working coffee machine, electricity and water, and benefits from a prominent roadside position.

"We get approached to market all types of properties but this one is quite unusual," said IME's managing director, Iain Mercer.

"The landlord of this particular unit is based in London but found us on a search engine and selected us ahead of other operators.  This just goes to show the strength of our online presence and quality of our web offering," he added.