How to sell your business 24 Jul, 2019

How to sell your business

July 24, 2019

Selling your business is a hard decision to take.  Most likely you will have invested time, effort, money, blood, sweat, tears and then some into nurturing your enterprise to where it is today.

But if you're serious about selling your business make sure you appoint an agent who matches your passion for doing just that.  At IME DJK we have years of experience in selling businesses across Edinburgh and the Lothians. And we specialise in a range of sectors including licensed trade, restaurants, cafes, hospitality and leisure.

This is a brief guide to selling your business in which we will examine the people you should appoint, the considerations you need to make and, importantly, the pitfalls to try and avoid.

Choosing the right professional team

Ensuring you have the right team around you when selling your business is imperative.  Picking the right advisors is key to ensuring your achieve your objective and securing the best possible price.  These fall into the following three categories:

  • Your accountant
  • Your commercial agent
  • Your lawyer

The professionals you decide to appoint will have a material impact on the

Appointing your commercial agent

There are plenty of commercial agents out there to choose from.  But which one is an experienced business sales operator? And which agent is able to demonstrate knowledge of the market in which your business trades? These are questions, amongst others, you need to consider when selecting your commercial agent.